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There is an active emphasis on real learning which is fostered through both National and International Educational Trips which include visits to institutions and industries. Students and teachers travel overseas to participate in programmes and international seminars.

Welham TadPole


Parent teacher meetings in school are held at the end of each term and also during Founders’ Day. The school calendar has important events scheduled at this time in order to give parents an opportunity to get a glimpse of their daughter’s life in school. It is also a chance for parents to see how their daughter is getting on in school, where her strengths and weaknesses lie, how she socializes with other children in the classroom, games field, extra-curricular activities etc. The teacher also gets an opportunity to know the child better through the inputs given by her parents during these interactions.

Xổ số miền bắc hôm quaThe school has consciously kept the PTMs for different classes at different times so that individual attention is given to the progress and development of each child.